Videos that got buzz

On a minimal budget, we created a giant bang for the buck. This video received more than a million views in the first week and was the #1 trending video in the world for a night (YouTube Trends Four at Four). It’s been featured in more than 250 media outlets, including the Huffington Post, NY Post, ABC News and Wired Magazine. Additionally, it’s been viewed in more than 200 countries. For those who are curious if it translated to more butts in seats, restaurant sales spiked more than 8% the two weeks following the video launch. Coincidence?

This video, which was featured by Adweek, drives home that Moe’s doesn’t use microwaves or freezers.

To promote Quesopalooza, we wanted to create a video that rocked as much as free queso. Considering the video got picked up by Adweek, MTV and dozens of other blogs and was viewed more than 200,000 in just a few days, think we accomplished our mission.

We took the queso for life contest sky high with engagement and buzz.